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PLC Features

• PLC Based Control System Make - Allen Bradley
• PC Communication Via Ethernet
• PLC Based Scanner System
• PLC Based Safety Control System to Protect the Chambers from Overshoot and Undershoot of Temperature and   Humidity
• Auto Changeover of Master Sensor In Case of Failure
• Auto Switch Over of Refrigeration System in Case of Failure
• Auto Change Over of Steam Generator in Case of Failure
• Online Monitoring on Graphic LCD 3.8" Touch Screen Display
• Alarm for Low Water Level with Reset System to Protect Steam Generator System.
• Password Protected Door Opening with Reason Master.
• Password Protected Chamber On / Off.
• Password Protected Set Value Change
• Password Protected Settable Print Frequency F or Master & Scanner
• Password Protected Restore Factory Setting
• Snooze Hooter System.
• Event Logger Facility.
• Actual Status Monitoring of Major Utilities (Sensor, Ref System, Steam Generation).
• GSM Alarm System (Mobile Alert).

PLC Based Password Protected Door Access System With Reason Master:
The door access system grant permission based on password entered.
When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a predetermined time.
This transaction is recorded through DAAS software with a reason given by user.
This record will reflect in Event Audit Trail with Date Time stamp.
PLC Based Auto changeover Master Sensor In Case Of Failure:
Sensor measures temperature and relative humidity. When controlling sensor fails, it automatically switches over to stand by sensor.
Network Connection via Ethernet
PLC System
Touch Screen Display
Password Based Door Access System
Auto changeover Master Sensor
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